Can you guys follow my friends page on Instagram she is going to write imagine and I will help her write some plz you guys this will mean so much to me 🙏

Can you guys follow my friends page on Instagram she is going to write imagine and I will help her write some plz you guys this will mean so much to me 🙏

Article for Jade (Niall)

Ladies we have some new information for The One Direction Fandom. The band member Niall has been secretly been dating singer Jade Y/l/n for 5 months now. WHAT!!

We all spot these two a lot recently but Niall always denied the rumors until recently when Niall posted a selfie confirming the relationship. Caption where: ‘My Girl surprised me Today on Tour” 

Both of them have a hectic schedule to follow so on there free time they have been spotted together. Jade was interviewed after the photo was posted and was asked why they kept it a secret this long. ‘Well I didn’t know how serious it was getting and I didn’t want Niall’s fans thinking i’m only using him so we decided to keep it low until we were ready.’


The couple recently walked the couple the carpet for One Direction new tour film. They both posted this photo of them two in the photo booth. They looked so cute together. 


What do you think of these two? Aren’t they so cute? Will we see more of these two? How serious is the relationship? 


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Article for Louis

Ladies Louis Tomlinson is no Longer single!! Yup we are first with this story and are the first who Louis has confirmed this relationship to. We all spotted Louis with a mystery girl these past few months.


Well the Mystery girl is his girlfriend. Louis will not release her name so we don’t know her name and we are doing our best to figure out more about her. Louis confirm his relationship with her when we interview the boys last week.

We asked the boys who were single we thought Louis will raise his hand along with Harry & Niall but he admitted he has been dating the mysterious girl for a couple months. 


I will not like to release her name but she is amazing and I wasn’t sure when to tell fans until now I will like everyone to know.  Then the two walked the carpet for a fashion show in London. This was the first time the two were caught as a couple. After that night Louis posted a selfie with his girl.


This week they two were caught hand holding headed towards the You & I Launch party. What do you think of these two? And what is her name? 


where your on vacation in like a hot area and a stranger slaps your bum


Liam:  Liam has brought me along with him to LA. Today we were catching some sun on the poolside at the hotel. “I’m going to go get a drink” I told Liam “I will walk with you I have to go to the restroom” he said I nodded. When we got close to the bar he went to the restroom, I waited for my drink when something came in contact with my bum. I turned around to see who slap my bum “Hey cutie” he came closer to me I just pushed his chest away and slapped him across the face “Don’t You Ever Touch Me Again” he smirked and grabbed my waist pulling me closer to him and grabbed my bum again “I will do whatever I want” I was going to speak when he was pulled from me. “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND” Liam was punching him repeatedly, I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him away “C’mon Liam” the other guy friend helped him up “Fuckin Prick” was the last thing Liam told him as I was pulling him away.

Niall:  Niall and I were at an out door party with the rest of the boys, I needed a drink after dancing with Sophia “Let’s get a drink” she nodded and we walked to the drink stand. Sophia & I were drinking our drink when a drunk guy smacked my bum “Nice Ass Girl” I turned around and threw my drink in his face “Pig” he whip his face as we walked away but he caught my wrist spun me around to face him “Where do you think your going” he moved a strand of my hair from my face as I tried to get him to let go “Sophia get Niall” she nodded and went to get Niall. He started to drag me to the restroom then I kicked him when Niall pop up “LET GO OF MY GIRL” Niall grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the mini tables “NIALL” I shouted as they fought i tried to get Niall but he wouldn’t stop until LIam and Harry pulled him away “I BETTER NOT SEE YOU AGAIN” he barked and I followed him out the party. Niall embraced me in a hug and kissed my forehead “You okay?” I asked him “I’m fine I should be worried about you” he chuckled “Let’s go back to the room” he nodded and we went back.

Zayn;  Zayn & I were shopping through stores since I wanted to by a new swim suit “You can try them on while I go get us some Ice Tea across the street” I nodded and went to the fitting room. I tried on a few and decided to buy a blue and black one and a pink one. I was reaching for a top that hang on the hanger when my bum was slapped. I gasped and turned to see a a blonde build guy “need help love” “I got it” he chuckled and got my top “Nice Bum babe” “Don’t ever talk to my girlfriend that way” Zayn spoke behind the guy “Yeah what are you going to do about it” Zayn punched him causing the guy to fall before Zayn can continued to I wrapped my arms around his waist “Zayn C’mon let’s go” “Not until i-” “He is not worth it babe” I gave him a light peck and pushed him away from the place.

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Happy birthday to Lottie 👸

Happy birthday to Lottie 👸

Article For Diana (Louis)

 if your a mega One Direction fan you know that Louis is now dating a girl name Diana. We all heard the rumors when Louis and Diana left the airport and head back to Louis mother’s place.


They have been dating for about an year and Louis has just confirm there relationship when they were caught hand holding leaving a venue in which One Direction was playing that night in Australia.


Louis Met her at the Tattoo parlor in LA, she is a tattoo artist and worked on one of Louis tattoo’s. After that Louis kept coming to her work place a lot and he asked her out on a date. She didn’t even know he was in a boy band until they left the airport and pap’s and girls surrounded them.’ 


Things for these two seem to be serious since we seen her met his parents and she had join them on tour for a couple of days. We think these two are absolutely adorable and a cute for each other.


What do you guys think? Will she be on tour a lot with them? Will Louis get more tattoos made by Diana? 


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Requested By Yassmin (Zayn)

Today Zayn came back from tour and we decided to have a movie day. Zayn and I have been friends for years and we’ve been through a lot together. “So Niall then ran away from Paul and hid in the dressing room for a while before and when he did came out we were ready” Zayn was telling me a stories about tour. We talked for a bit before I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back Zayn had my phone in his hands and he looked furious “What’s wrong?” “When were you going to tell me about Andrew” “You checked my phone” “That’s not the point your dating Andrew the boy who cheated on you years ago and made you cry for a month” “WHY WERE YOU CHECKING MY PHONE” “ANSWER ME” “NO THIS IS MY BUSINESS NOT YOURS” “IF IT INVOLVES YOU AND A JERK IT”S MY BUSINESS” I grabbed my phone from his hand “He has changed” “ARE YOU FORGETTING HOW BAD HE HURT YOU AND WHO WAS THERE ME” “That was a long time ago why do you care so much” “YOUR RIGHT I SHOULDN’T”T CARE DON’T COME RUNNING BACK TO ME WHEN HE HURTS YOU” he grabbed his jacket from the couch and slammed the door shut when he left. What had just happen? 

— 2 weeks later—

 I haven’t spoke to Zayn for 2 weeks and he was right about Andrew. I should have listen to him but i didn’t. I have called him send him text but no respond so now I just sit around the house watching movies and crying but i wasn’t crying much about Andrew I mostly crying because Zayn just left and I don’t know if we are still best friends. I heard a light knock on the door, i grabbed my money from the nightstand for the pizza “Coming” when they knocked again. I opened the door and froze when i saw Zayn with a Pizza box “Can we talk?” I moved to the side and let him in. As we walked to the living room i looked at my reflection on the mirror, my eyes were red and puffy my hair was a mess i grabbed my hair in a messy bun and walked towards Zayn. He sat down in the couch and I stood in the door way playing with the sleeves of my sweater “I’m sorry Yassmin I shouldn’t have gotten mad and ignored your calls look at you your a mess because of that jerk” “I’m not a mess because of him” “It’s okay Yassmin to me sad because of him” “I’m a mess because of you” “me?” “I thought we weren’t friends anymore and how you were right I’m such a screw up” Zayn came and hugged me “It’s okay you can’t lose me that fast” “i missed you” “I missed you how about we finish that movie night” “Yeah” he kissed the top of my forehead and we put a movie on.