Article For Diana (Louis)

 if your a mega One Direction fan you know that Louis is now dating a girl name Diana. We all heard the rumors when Louis and Diana left the airport and head back to Louis mother’s place.


They have been dating for about an year and Louis has just confirm there relationship when they were caught hand holding leaving a venue in which One Direction was playing that night in Australia.


Louis Met her at the Tattoo parlor in LA, she is a tattoo artist and worked on one of Louis tattoo’s. After that Louis kept coming to her work place a lot and he asked her out on a date. She didn’t even know he was in a boy band until they left the airport and pap’s and girls surrounded them.’ 


Things for these two seem to be serious since we seen her met his parents and she had join them on tour for a couple of days. We think these two are absolutely adorable and a cute for each other.


What do you guys think? Will she be on tour a lot with them? Will Louis get more tattoos made by Diana? 


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Requested By Yassmin (Zayn)

Today Zayn came back from tour and we decided to have a movie day. Zayn and I have been friends for years and we’ve been through a lot together. “So Niall then ran away from Paul and hid in the dressing room for a while before and when he did came out we were ready” Zayn was telling me a stories about tour. We talked for a bit before I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back Zayn had my phone in his hands and he looked furious “What’s wrong?” “When were you going to tell me about Andrew” “You checked my phone” “That’s not the point your dating Andrew the boy who cheated on you years ago and made you cry for a month” “WHY WERE YOU CHECKING MY PHONE” “ANSWER ME” “NO THIS IS MY BUSINESS NOT YOURS” “IF IT INVOLVES YOU AND A JERK IT”S MY BUSINESS” I grabbed my phone from his hand “He has changed” “ARE YOU FORGETTING HOW BAD HE HURT YOU AND WHO WAS THERE ME” “That was a long time ago why do you care so much” “YOUR RIGHT I SHOULDN’T”T CARE DON’T COME RUNNING BACK TO ME WHEN HE HURTS YOU” he grabbed his jacket from the couch and slammed the door shut when he left. What had just happen? 

— 2 weeks later—

 I haven’t spoke to Zayn for 2 weeks and he was right about Andrew. I should have listen to him but i didn’t. I have called him send him text but no respond so now I just sit around the house watching movies and crying but i wasn’t crying much about Andrew I mostly crying because Zayn just left and I don’t know if we are still best friends. I heard a light knock on the door, i grabbed my money from the nightstand for the pizza “Coming” when they knocked again. I opened the door and froze when i saw Zayn with a Pizza box “Can we talk?” I moved to the side and let him in. As we walked to the living room i looked at my reflection on the mirror, my eyes were red and puffy my hair was a mess i grabbed my hair in a messy bun and walked towards Zayn. He sat down in the couch and I stood in the door way playing with the sleeves of my sweater “I’m sorry Yassmin I shouldn’t have gotten mad and ignored your calls look at you your a mess because of that jerk” “I’m not a mess because of him” “It’s okay Yassmin to me sad because of him” “I’m a mess because of you” “me?” “I thought we weren’t friends anymore and how you were right I’m such a screw up” Zayn came and hugged me “It’s okay you can’t lose me that fast” “i missed you” “I missed you how about we finish that movie night” “Yeah” he kissed the top of my forehead and we put a movie on.

flawless :) <3

flawless :) <3

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Article for Leonie (Niall)

So we all have seen Niall with a mysterious girl at a basketball game in New York and Rumors flew that these two were dating. Why? Well it wasn’t the only time they were spotted.


NIall has been asked about her and all his responds were ‘Just friends’ but now they confirm the rumors that they have been dating when they left a house party in Ireland.


A source released her name, her name is Leonie and they have been dating for a couple months. She went to school with Louis girlfriend Eleanor and one day she came with Eleanor to a concert and Niall thought she was cool so they went on a date.


We seen a lot of messages that Leonie has received on her social page and to say some of them have been so rude.’Niall warned Leonie about this and she didn’t think it will get that bad at one point they almost broke up but Niall and her worked it out. It’s not easy to be one of these boys girlfriends but Niall really likes her so he will do anything to keep her.’ 


We think these two are absolutely adorable. Do you think she is the one for Niall? Tell us what you think of them.


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BSM: You Get Jealous Of Lux (5-9) P.2 

Liam:  (His P.o.v.) I gave Lux back to Lou after a while and then started to look for Y/n. “Have you seen Y/n?” I asked Harry “I think she is taking a nap with Zayn” I nodded and went to the dressing room and saw Y/n curled up next to Zayn “So you finished with Lux” I turned around and saw Niall “What are you talking about?” “You’re suppose to watch Y/n and I find her wandering off” “I thought she was with me” “Well your mom is coming” “She is?” “Yeah Zayn calmed Y/n down and she said she wanted her mom” “I messed up” “Yeah” he walked away to Louis. I walked over to pick up Y/n and she woke up instantly pushing me away “Y/n I’m sorry” “No Liam don’t want me” “That’s not true” “I want mommy” “Y/n I’m sorry we can play now” “No I played with Zayn” “I am sorry” I moved her hair away from her face “Do you love me Li” “of course I love you your my baby sister” she hugged me “I love you too” 

Louis: (His P.o.v.)  I found Y/n playing with another little girl “I found her” I screamed to El she nodded and stayed with Lux. I ran up to her and she backed away from me “Why did you leave?” I asked her “You don’t want me with you and I’m with a friend” the little girl stood next to her.“Y/n were going home” “Not with you” “Y/n Let’s go” “NO” “What is wrong with you” “Go be with Lux that all you care about” her eyes got watery I moved closer as the mother of the other girl took her away from us. “Y/n that’s not true” “yes it is” she started to cry i pulled her into a hug “Y/n I love you and I was just watching over Lux I am so sorry y/n” i rubbed her back and picked her up. “How about we go drop off Lux and then go watch Frozen with El” “Really” “Yeah” 

Niall:  (His P.o.v.) ” I screwed up” “Yeah” “How can i forget my own little sister birthday” “You had a lot on your mine” “Yeah but now she thinks I don’t care about her” “Well make it up to her you have all day today to” “Your right” I got my phone and drove to my parents house but made some stops along the way. I walked into my parents house with my hands full and saw Y/n sitting in the living room “Y/n” she turned around and saw all i bought her “Sorry for yesterday and I owe you a birthday gift” “all this is for me” she picked up one of the dolls I bought her. “Yeah I bought you everything you asked mom for and this isn’t it” “it isn’t” her smile grew “Go get dress and let’s go get ice cream and ride some go karts” “Yeah Thank you” she hugged me tight before getting dress.

Harry:  I woke up to the smell of bacon, i slowly walked down and saw Harry cooking pancakes and bacon “Hi” I whispered “Hey I made your favorite” “Thank you” he handed me a plate. I started to eat when he sat down next to me “I’m sorry about yesterday It slipped out of my mind” I nodded and continued to eat. “You know Lux is not more important than you” ‘Then why were you with her and not with me” “I was planning somethings for you” “Can I know?” “Nope it’s a surprise” “Please” he shook his head “So for missing out yesterday I plan this whole day for us” “really” “Yeah we are going to the amusement park you wanted to go” i screamed and hugged him “Just don’t miss the next one” “I won’t

the many emotions of Zayn Malik

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Article For Jade (Niall)

Ladies guess who have recently celebrated their One year anniversary this weekend. Who? Well Niall and Jade were spotted at the airport and guess where they were headed. Disneyland!! 


We all know Jade loves to go to Disneyland anytime she can and we found out Niall has done something special there. Fans have been looking for them two but they must be in disguise because no one can get a picture but Niall posted this photo.


Caption: My girl looking lovely with her favorite girl x.  We made a lot of conversation to find out what Niall plan for that day. 'Well Niall has planned it all out the hotel and the day was thing they could do together.Like on there last night they have a romantic dinner just them two enjoying the view.' 


Guess what other rumor has sparked recently about these two. After there romantic get away Jade posted a photo on her blog about a event she was attending with Niall and in the picture we see a sparkle ring on her finger.


Are these two engage? When will they confirm or Deny this? What do you think of them getting married? To soon or not?


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Article for Nirvana (Louis)

We all the famous actress Nirvana and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction are close friends but that soon has changed. How? 


Well the recent two have came out as a couple. There was rumors when they came out hand holding but until now we found out they have secretly been dating for about a year.


Nirvana helped Louis with his break up and they have grown closer. Harry asked her out after a couple months and to say they are perfect for each other.’  A source say about the lovely couple.


Louis was Nirvana’s date for her movie premier in New York. Nirvana was asked questions about their relationship.’I think we are doing good’ Is it hard for when he is on tour? ‘Yeah It is but we have our calls and skype conversation’ How is it for him to see you kiss another guy in the film? ‘Well he does get jealous but he knows I come straight back to him’ 


We caught the couple on a trip in Hawaii on a boat. When they were heading back to their hotel Fans went crazy and mobbed them. Louis and Nirvana were pushing through while some fans threw some rude comments at her. We asked a source on how she deals with the hate and they told us ‘She has received hate way before she dated Louis since her career but it still gets to her and now Louis Conferts  her.’ 


What do you think of these two? Do you think she is the one for Louis? 

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BSM: You Get Jealous Of Lux (5-9)

Liam:  My mom made Liam bring me along with him to Sound check since she had to go run some errands. I’m bored here I’ve been here for an hour and all Liam has done is play with Lux. “Li can you play with me dolls” I carried my dolls in my hand “Not right now Y/n” he went to tickle Lux. I sat down by them and watch them play. Why can’t he play with me? I got up and walked away from them people were pushing and running around as i walked by them. I went inside a room and saw Niall and Zayn “Y/n what are you doing here?” Niall picked me up “Liam doesn’t want me there” i started to cry “Why do you say that?” “He is with Lux I want mommy” I hid my face in his neck “I bet he is worried about you” they got up and started to walk back. Once in the room Liam was still playing with Lux “I want mommy” i whispered Zayn nodded and took out his phone “Liam don’t love me” I said when Niall took me out the room.

Louis:  Louis brought me, Lux and El to the Park “Lou Can we go on the swings” “Not right now Y/n Lux wants to play on the slide” we walked to the slide and been here for a couple minutes and I was getting bored i kept asking Louis but he just put Lux before me. As they walked to another part I went to the swings “Hi” a little girl greeted me “Hi” “You want to play” I looked back at Louis and El as they enjoyed time with Lux. I started to play with the girl until her mom came.”Sweetie where is your mother here” “I’m with my brother” “Well let’s go with him” “No” “No?” “He doesn’t want me” “How about you guys play for a while and I get you an ice cream” we nodded and went to play. We were on the swings eating our ice creams when I saw Louis running towards me “Y/n” I moved back from him “Why did you leave?” “You don’t want me with you and I’m with a friend” “Y/n were going home” “Not with you” “Y/n Let’s go” “NO” “What is wrong with you” “Go be with Lux that all you care about” 

Niall:  It’s my birthday today and my mom decided we go to Niall’s concert tonight. I waited for him to tell me happy birthday but nothing he didn’t even greet me. When he came in he was with Lux, I just watch them play and talk to my mom “Well we should get going” my dad carried me, the boys walked us out “Wait Y/n” Harry called out as he looked up from his phone “Happy Birthday” they boys looked at me in shocked “Thank you” I whispered as my dad placed me on my car seat before he closed the door Niall stood there “I’m so sorry Y/n I for-“”Yeah your busy with Lux” “Y/n I-“”Mommy can we go” she nodded and Niall got the message.

Harry:  Today is my dance recital, my family was backstage with me besides Harry “He is coming don’t worry” Gemma said “I hope he does” “Y/n get in position” my dance teacher called I hugged my parents and Gemma before going to my spot. As I danced I never saw Harry the whole time, once I changed back to my clothes I saw My parents. We went out to eat and then headed home and saw Harry sitting on the couch. I ignored him and walked to my room but I heard my parents discussion with him “Where were you?” “I was out with Lux and Lou why?” “Did you forget something today?” “I don’t think so where were you guys” “Out at Y/n dance recital” “That was today” “Yeah” “Shit” I heard footsteps come up and then a light knock. “Y/n can we talk” “No Just go back to Lux seems she is more important” “Y/n it-” I cut him off with playing my stereo.

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Article For Victoria (Niall)

Ladies Niall is now dating. Who? We all have spotted him with a mysterious women. First Niall has just said they were close friends until now.


Niall has confirm the relationship when they exited a club in London. The video shows Niall pushing threw the paps with now known as Victoria all he said was “Please let me and my girlfriend threw” after that his Rep confirm it with the media.

Niall posted this photo of himself with Victoria Caption: ‘Made my day even better x’ we think these two are so cute. This isn’t the only selfie the couple posted. Victoria has a private Instagram account but some how fans got there pictures.


Niall is crazy about her she is a close friend of Sophia and one night they were introduce and Niall kept talking about her so they went on a date and that’s how it began. She is exactly like Niall they are both fun spirited and loving making people laugh.


The couple recently took a trip to Paris before Victoria Vacation is over and she has to head back to school. ‘I can’t get enough of her I don’t want her to leave but she has to’ Niall told us in his recent Phone interview with him.


We can’t wait to see more of Niall and Victoria they are absolutely adorable. What should be there ship name? 


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