He is doing drugs like smoking marijauna and u catch him then you leave him but he tries to apologize

Liam:  I decided to surprise Liam on tour so I came to their hotel. Harry helped me set it up so he took me to Liam room to leave my bags.”Where is he?” “He is downstairs at the pool” I nodded and was excited to see him. I looked for him and then found him but he didn’t see me since his back was facing me. I slowly walked over and started to smell Marijuana. Who will be smoking in by kids? When I got closer to Liam the smell got stronger. He Couldn’t be! I walked in front of him and saw he had a blunt in his lips when he saw me he stood up and threw it away “Babe” I moved away before he could get close “I can’t believe this”“Babe let me explain” “No you know how I feel about drugs and your doing this” I walked away from him as fast, I heard him call me but I walked out the hotel and got in a cab “Take me away from here” was all i said before it started to drive, i turned around and saw Liam stop as the taxi drove. ** Couple Hours Later** I came back to the hotel once it was night. I walked in and saw Liam with the boys in the lobby, Liam saw me and rushed over to me embracing me in a hug “I was worried sick Y/n” he whispered as I pushed him away. I kept was making my way to the elevator until Liam grabbed my wrist “Babe I’m so sorry I just needed something to relieve the stress” “Liam why Smoke you know what that does to you” “I know baby and I’m sorry please” he lifted my chin for I can look at him “I love you and it was a one time thing” “I love you to but if your stress talk to me not this” he nodded and kissed me.

Niall:  I came back home earlier than expected so I was hoping Niall will be home. I unlocked the door and called out for Niall after I turned off the stereo Once I saw he was in the back I walked over. Once I opened the back door my nose got a familiar smell “Niall you better not be doing what i think your doing!” he turned around quickly and threw hide ‘it’ behind his back “Babe your home” “Niall are you serious?” “Babe I’m so sorry I just needed some-” I put my hand up for he could stop talking “I can’t believe you Niall! I just got over my addiction and you do this in Our house” “Babe I-” “No don’t explain I’m leaving” I rushed out the door to my car and pulled out the driveway. I drove for what seem for hours until I walked in an empty park. I sat in the park bench thinking about my past. Then Someone sat next to me i slowly looked and it was Niall “I knew you would be here” I didn’t respond and looked ahead “Babe I’m sorry I shouldn’t have smoked I didn’t know what i was doing”“Niall you knew how hard this was for me and you do this”“I know babe I am so sorry it was just one time thing”“How can I believe you?” “Because you love me and I love you and i won’t ever do it again” he was now in front of me “Promise” “Promise” 

Louis:  I took the kids to the park and let Louis to be with the boys for a while. We headed home when Ian was tired, I carried Ian and hold Jasmine hand as we walked in. Jasmine ran inside and went upstairs, I put Ian in my bed and walked around to go see where Louis was. Once I went to the basement I saw him and the boys smoking “LOUIS” He jumped up and looked at me “Babe” “I can’t believe you will do this in our house” “Babe I’m sorry it just happened” “And you guys are old mens who have family and doing this” I shook my head and went up stairs to get the kids. “Where you going?” “I’m not letting my kids near this” Jasmine already buckled into her seat and Ian was still sleeping. I got in the driver seat and drove to a friends house.”I can’t believe he will do it in our house” “Me either” she responded as she handed me a cup of tea. We talked for a bit before the door bell rang “If it’s him don’t let him in” she nodded and went to the door. I brought my knees to my chest once I heard them yell. Then Louis barged in “Baby please let me explain” “No Louis you brought drugs into our house and smoked it in our house what will have happened if it was Jasmine walking in” “I know babe it was irresponsible of me to do that but don’t leave me” “How can I know you won’t do it in front of our kids” “I won’t babe I will never do that in front of the kids” he grabbed my hand “I love you baby and this won’t happen again please come home” before I can respond Jasmine ran in and hugged Louis “Daddy” “Hi baby” “Are you okay?” “Yeah go back with Ian” “Okay” he kissed her forehead and turned to me “Please” i nodded and got up “Let’s go home” 

Harry:  I was baby sitting my niece while Harry was in the back working on music. I finished feeding her and set her down on the floor. She walked to the back and opened the door. Our dog Sunshine ran out first then she did “Grace Come ba-” I cut my self off when I saw Harry. He wasn’t writing music. I instantly grabbed Grace and ran back inside with her “Y/N” Harry called out but I just rushed into the car. I put grave in the car and went to the driver seat and drove. Threw out the day Harry kept calling me but I just ignored it. Why will he smoke in our house with my little niece in the house? I dropped off Grace and just decided to wander around, i wasn’t going to go home. I finally stopped at a cafe and drank a coffee. My phone rang again it was Harry “Stop calling me Harry” “babe just let me explain” “No Harry you were smoking with Grace in the house you know the risk of that” “I know babe but please don’t leave me” “I already did” “No baby I love you I promise i won’t do it again” “How do I know that Harry?” “Do you trust me?” “Yes” “Then please come home” 

Zayn:  I brought Zayn some lunch since I knew he would be at the studio all day. I was walking in when I ran into Harry “Hey Y/n” “Hey is Zayn inside?” “No he just went out back” i nodded and walked outside. I opened the door and his back was facing me. “Babe” he turned around with wide eyes and threw something at the corner. I went to hug  him when I smell a familiar smell “Zayn you didn’t” I tried to look what he threw but he blocked it “Let me see” “No” “MOVE” he slowly move and I saw a blunt on the ground. I shoved him the bag of food and rushed out of there “Y/n” he called out but ignored him.Once I was outside with the fans I rushed to my car and drove home. He promised he wouldn’t smoke. He lied! I pulled over the road and got out the car. Another car pulled behind mine it was Zayn’s. “Zayn please leave me alone” “Babe let me explain” “Zayn you broke our promise”” I know baby but I was craving it” “And you know what your suppose to do when you crave it” “I know but I just..Ugh it’s hard to stop” “That’s why i’m here Zayn to help you through this” “Babe I know and I’m sorry please don’t leave me” “I don’t know” “Please I love you and if i lose you i will go insane” He wrapped his arms around me. “I love you” he whispered into my hair ” I love you too”

 2010 - 2014 

Happy 4 years, I can’t believe how fast time goes.

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Can’t believe 4 years ago these boys changed my life 😃 I still remember the day I first saw them with my cousin on TV. These boys are amazing and I hope there is more years to come with them🙉 I love you one direction ❤️


Happy 1st Birthday Theo (July 16)

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Requested by Sheikha (Arrange marriage with Harry)

I have been i a ‘Relationship’  with Harry for a couple months to say we were good friends and to be honest I fell for his charms. It was just suppose to be business but who couldn’t fall in love with his cute dimples and his magical Green eyes. Today we found out we have to get married and to say Harry was not to happy about it. “I can’t marry her!”“Well your going to have to now”“THIS IS MY LIFE AND I DECIDED WHETHER I WILL MARRY SOMEONE NOT YOU” he yelled before walking out the office. “I will go talk to him” I followed Harry outside “Harry it’s okay” I said rubbing his back as he had his head in his hands “HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS IS OKAY I DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU” he yelled straight in my face “Harry things will get better we might not even have to marry this might lead to drama and then..separation” i whispered the last part because I didn’t want to end things with Harry I love him. He got up “Look just leave me the fuck alone okay”“Why?”“I don’t want to be near you ever you ruin my life I HATE YOU” i backed away from him “But I love you”“YOU WHAT” he came towards me but before he reached me I ran. I ran into my car and rove away. What did you do Sheikha? Why did you tell him that? I didn’t even now where I was driving but i didn’t stop,…….

Harry’s P.o.v.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve heard of Sheikha, no one has heard from her since she told me she love’s me. Why didn’t I see that? Why didn’t I tell her I loved her? I’m so stupid! Why did I say I hate you? My phone suddenly rang causing me to break from my thoughts.”Sheikha” I whispered in the phone hopping it was her “No Harry it’s management”“What do you want?“‘Well great news you don’t have to get married since Sheikha has refused to marry you & quit the job so I hope your happy” was all they said before hanging up the phone. I threw my phone on the bed and punched the wall. She quit for me! Louis & Niall barged into the room “What happen?” “She quit”“sheikha?”“Yeah she left because of me”“Harry i thought you wanted this”“No I love her!” they gasped but then Louis spoke “Well it was obvious”“it was?”“Yeah we saw the way you guys looked at each other it’s the way Louis Looks at Eleanor or how Zayn looks at Perrie Harry we noticed it’s just you who hasn’t until now” I got my jacket from the chair and ran out the room.”Where are you going?”“To get her back” i drove around looking everywhere i can until I called her manager begging her to tell where she was. I opened the door to the roof and saw the view of London from up here and then I saw her sitting down looking at the buildings.”This places is amazing” she spun around and got up “How did you find me?” ” I called Allison and she told me” she said something under her breath before gathering her stuff. “Wait we need to talk”“No I think we said everything we had to say to each other” i grabbed her wrist “No I haven’t” she looked at my hand then my eyes. “You have 2 minutes” she said i nodded and ran my hair through my curls. “Sheikha The boys & you made me realize something I was denying or trying to run away from” she nodded for me to continue “Sheikha I never noticed the way I looked at you, i never noticed how when you walked into a room it gets brighter, i denied the feelings I had when I had you around me. Sheikha I have been going crazy over you. I don’t hate you it’s the exact opposite” she furrowed her eyebrows as I intertwined our fingers “Sheikha I love you, I love everything about you, I love how you laugh at my corny jokes, I love that you don’t judge me, i love how I can be myself with you, I love how confident you are, i love how you poke my dimples when i get nervous, i love that you make my days brighter, i love our night phone calls, I  love our pointless conversation. I love you Sheikha” I pulled her closer to me so our face were inches apart. I looked into her beautiful eyes and kissed her. This kiss had so many feelings when she kissed back i picked her up and spun her around “I love you Harry” 

Your Only Together For Your Kids but You Can’t Take It Anymore P.2 

Liam:  My sister has been helping me out a lot & i gotten a job to help pay some of the rent. I just got home & was walking into the living room seeing Laim with Jason on his lap “I didn’t know you were coming today” I took my heels off and placed them against the wall “Yeah i wanted to see them & your sister had some errands to run so she said I can be here until you come” I nodded and went to see what Abby was doing in the dinner “Hey sweetie did you eat?” “Yeah Daddy cooked for me” “That’s good so how was school“‘Good” I nodded and made myself a cup of tea. I talked with Abby for a bit before i heard Jason cry, i got him from Liam’s hands and took him to take a bath.”We need to talk” Liam asked as I watched Jason play with his toys in the tub “about what?”“This isn’t working for me“‘You want more days because-“”No I want you back home and us being a family again” I got Jason wrapped up into his towel “Well that can’t happen” i walked to my room “Why?” “You know why Liam we didn’t work & it’s just for the best”“But I love you” I started to dress Jason “Liam if you love me you wouldn’t have cheated and treated me the way you did“‘I know i screwed up but I didn’t noticed until you left me I need you guys” I placed Jason in his crib “Liam We can’t i can’t put them through that again”“But this is worst for them“‘Is it? They seem to be happier”“You know they want us together”“I Know they do but we can’t it didn’t work Liam just stop” he followed me downstairs.”Please Y/n”“Liam I think you should go”“But“‘Please just say bye to Abby and I will tell Mason to call you when he is home” he nodded and said bye to Abby. I walked him to the door “See you next week then” I nodded and closed the door.

Niall: (His P.o.v.) That day that my family left me made me feel pain i never felt before & worst was the letter Y/n left me in our room with her wedding ring. Dear Niall, I guess your back from being with her & noticed we left. Well Brandon told me about when he walked in on you. I can’t believe you brought her here! Our home but now you can bring her when ever you want since I called my lawyer & he said we can start the process of divorce. The kids will be with you every other week & my sister Shelly will drop them off since I don’t want to see you again. I Hope she will make you happy. Hope she was worth it.. Y/n. I re-read this letter over and over when Shelly dropped off Allison since Brandon doesn’t even want to see me. I have tried to talk to Y/n but i couldn’t. The last time i saw Y/n was at the lawyer’s office when she signed the papers. She gave me one look and then ran out there with tears in her eyes. I chased after her but saw Brandon with her, He saw me whispered something in his mother ear and she walked out the door. He came up to me “Hope your happy” was all he said before he left. I screwed up & I can’t fix it. 

Louis:  I moved back in with my parents for some time, today we were celebrating Quinn’s Birthday so everyone was here..even Louis. I haven’t started the process for divorce because deep down i just hope he will try to get me back..(His P.o.v.) I saw her with that short summer Blue dress, her hair in loose curls and a heat necklace. She talked to her sister until Quinn grabbed her hand and dragged her somewhere, then my son Damon dragged me somewhere in the back. Once we stopped I saw Y/n with Quinn looking at us, Quinn & Damon ran away and left us there. It was silent until she tried to leave but I grabbed her hand.”Let’s talk” we sat in the bench and Y/n move away from me a bit “I miss you” I said looking at my sweaty palm, she didn’t respond “Y/n I screwed up big time I know I should have tried to fix this but i know you don’t want to leave because you still haven’t filed for divorce and i don’t want you too” I got up and went in front of her “I am willing to fix this baby I miss you, i miss waking up with you next to me , i miss having the kids downstairs messing around, I miss our Sunday morning where I will cook Pancakes and you will be with Quinn and Damon” she was crying now. I wiped her tear and let my my hand rest on her cheek “Y/n your my world I promise to love you & not to hurt you I broke one of them which was hurting you but I love you” I leaned closer to her face until our lips met. She kissed back, her hands wrapped around my neck pulling me closer. This kiss felt like the first kiss we shared years ago. We broke the kiss when we fell off the bench and the guest cheered “I love you” I whispered to her “I love you” 

Zayn:  he hasn’t signed the papers & has been coming everyday to see the kids.Once again he was here playing with them as I sat on the porch watching the sun go down “I remember when we had our first date & we watched the sun go down and once it was close I kissed you” Zayn spoke reminding me of that day I loved. “Y/n I can’t sign those papers” he whispered “Why Zayn? We already were like a divorce couple you were never home & all we did was argue”“I know we did but I can’t let you go your my everything“‘it didn’t seem like it”“But you are, I am willing to fix this I found a marriage counselor that can help us with this” he was now in front of me.”Please Baby we can’t throw all of this away we have been through worst”“No Zayn you caused me so much pain I cried every night thinking you were with someone else! Thinking you didn’t love me”“I was never with anyone else beside you baby I love you I could never do that to you…to us” his lips made contact with mine. I couldn’t resist so i kissed back we broke apart when we heard our kids saying Ew and running away. “I love you” He whispered looking straight into my eyes “I love you” I kissed him again.

Harry:  (His P.o.v.) “Mate why did you do it if you didn’t want it?” Louis asked me “I thought i t was right, i thought we didn’t love each other I thought I loved Ashley until now I noticed I never stopped loving her”“Or are you only saying this because of Kristen”“No Kristen made me realize how wrong I was. I broke the love of my life heart for a slut” he patted my shoulder “Then why are you here and not with her” he was right. I thanked him and drove to Y/n new apartment. I knew the kids are at school so she must be alone there. I stood in front of her door too a deep breath and then knocked “COMING” her sweet voice called.She opened the door “Harry what a-” I cut her off slamming my lips with her’s. i pulled away and she looked shocked “Y/n I messed up, I messed up our family When you left I realized i can’t live with out you, you mean more to me than her. I love you & I can’t live with you not being with me and me calling you my wife” still no respond. I grabbed her hand “Baby I love you I need you to be there when I have a day, i need you to be next to me when I wake up, with out you I’m half a heart” her eyes were getting watery as I spoke I decided to  singing to her Half a Heart until she cut me off when she kissed me. ” I love you” she whispered when I carried her inside “I love you and let me show you how much I love you” 

I don’t know if this is true but Happy Birthday to these 2 ❤️ 
Hope they have a great day today ❤️💙 
Happy Birthday to Eleanor & Happy 1st birthday Theo 💜

I don’t know if this is true but Happy Birthday to these 2 ❤️
Hope they have a great day today ❤️💙
Happy Birthday to Eleanor & Happy 1st birthday Theo 💜

Article for Adriana(Niall)

Well as we know 4/5 of One Direction are taken and 2 are engaged. You all know of Perrie and Zayn but did you know about Niall & Adriana.


You read it right. Niall has been dating Adriana for 2 years and Niall has recently proposed on her Birthday weekend which was this week. How do we know this is true?


Niall posted this photo on his instagram page, seem to be mad don’t they but the caption was: Already starting to plan the day, this will be our face when we disagree Love you babe x’ Not much of a clue until a source clarify the post.

Niall propose to Adriana in front of her family after they cut her birthday cake. He made it special he sang to her a song he wrote for her and then he got on his knees. Adriana sister recorded the whole thing but is not going to show the video only family sorry’

Well can’t wait for them. The photo above only shows a glimps of her ring. Niall was send back on tour and this video was shared of the lovely couple. When will the wedding be?


Not my pictures :) 

Article For Corie (Niall)

Girls who feel in love with the Irish man Niall Horan will have their Heart broken in a bit. Why? Well The Irish Hunk is dating the newly singer Corie.

We know we’ve spotted the lovely pair a lot but they just say they were working on some songs. Hmm Well these songs made them fall into each other arms. How did the couple confirm the relationship..Well..

Niall Horan posted this photo on his Instagram Page Caption: My Girl x. Fans went crazy over the photo and the couple waste no time in being spotted outside their hotel..

They have been dating for 6 months & Niall didn’t want fans to kow because of what the other girl go through with hate but Corie said she can handle it & for no she has been handling in okay. She doesn’t rally check her page as much but when she does she only talks to her fans & ignores the other.’     

We think the couple are really cute. What about you? What is your opinion on her? Tell us we want to know..

Your Only Together For Your Kids but You Can’t Take It Anymore

Liam:  ”Mason you better clean that room!”“I am mom” I was getting Jason dressed for his doctor visit, then Abby walked into the room “Mommy where is daddy?” Oh sweetie he is with side chick I said in my mind but just looked at my little girl “Hey must be at work sweetie” she nodded and helped me with Jason. We went to the clinic Jason got a shot and we came back i saw Liam & Mason playing video games at the living room “Liam can I talk to you for a bit“‘In a bit” I wasn’t going to argue not in front of the kids. “Abby can you help me give Jason a bath” “Yes mommy” we took him a bath & put him to sleep. I tucked in Abby and Mason was snoring already in his room, i walked down the stairs and saw Liam on his phone probably talking to the other women. “Can we talk now?”“What do you want now?” he said coldly & take a sip of his beer “Liam this isn’t working”“What?”“I know about her & I wanted us to work for the kids but you don’t even try”“So what?”“Liam I want a divorce“‘Divorce?” i nodded “You want to separate this family”“It’s was bound to happen Liam”“What about the kids?”“The court will work it but i will move out with my sister tomorrow” i got up & walked to the bedroom I once loved coming in. I changed & laid in the bed crying that night until Jason wakes up…

Niall: “Mommy why can’t I have another brother?” Allison asked “You have Brandon sweetie”“But he is older and is bossy” i just shook my head and told her to pick her dolls up. I walked down the stairs and saw Brandon doing homework “Mom can I ask you something?” I nodded and sat down in front of him “Why are you still with dad?”“what do you mean?”“Mom I know you know he is cheating on you & he is hardly ever home why put up with it?”“Brandon I can’t talk about this” i got up & was ready to walk until Brandon grabbed my hand.”Mom I see the pain in your eyes why put up with it?“‘For you & Allison” he looked confused “I don’t want you to see us go through it, i thought we could work it out but we can’t” my eyes got watery “Mom we can’t stand this, fighting all the time isn’t good for Allison” he hugged me i cried “Mom listen to me” i nodded “When did you find out?”“I walked in on him when i picked up Allison”“They came here?” he nodded “Go get Allison & i will pack some bags we are leaving to aunt Shelly” he nodded and went upstairs.

Louis:  Here I am another argument with Louis in our room “What do you want from me Y/n!” i thought of the kids that were just downstairs probably hearing everything “I don’t know why I’m here anymore?” I walked pasted him got a suitcase and packed my things “What are you doing?”“Don’t you see Louis we are both unhappy & I tried to it work for the kids sake but you don’t want me you want her & I’m giving you the freedom to do so” he followed me to the kids room as i packed their too. “Your taking them away from me!”“You can see them when Court gives you your days now move“‘No!”“MOVE” i shoved him out the way & barged downstairs with each bag.”Come on kids we are leaving”“Where mommy?” my youngest daughter Quinn asked “Leaving this place & be happy for once” 

Zayn:  People pictured us as a happy family but we aren’t. I can’t take this argument anymore & him coming home late from god knows where. I waited for Zayn to walk through those door, i already packed my things & took the kids to my mothers “What are you doing up?” he said as he saw me watching TV “Wait for you”“For what now” he sat on the couch “For this” I threw him the folder “What is it?“‘Open it” he got it and opened it slowly.”Your Divorcing me?” i nodded and got up “Why?”“Zayn look at us we used to be so happy but now there is nothing there”“What about the kids”“I only stayed this long for them but i can’t anymore”“So this is about you!”“It’s about them”“where are they?” he ran to every room screaming their names. “Goodbye Zayn” I walked out the door and drove away with tears in my eyes. 

Harry:  Harry & I have met up with lawyers to get divorced, now that it’s official we had to tell the kids. Here we are all sitting in the dinner table “What’s wrong?” Taylor asked “Kids we have to tell you something” i played with my fingers “Mommy where is your ring?” Darcy asked pointing to where I used to where my wedding ring.”Kids Your father & I are divorced”“WHAT!” Taylor and Kristen said “What’s that?” Darcy asked “Dad & I aren’t together anymore”“But you love each other” i shook my head slowly “I was right!” Kristen said “On what?” Harry asked her “You are cheating on her! I saw you with that slut” “KRISTEN” “It’s your fault! Do we mean nothing to you!” she cried out “I love you guys”“NO THEN WHY THIS!” Taylor tried to calm her down “Kristen it’s not your father’s fault we don’t love each other” even though he was the one who asked for this. Harry just looked at his hands, i picked up Darcy and set her on my hip “C’mon guys” They got up & followed me “Tell bye to daddy” I put Darcy down and she hugged him and came back to me. Taylor said bye but Kristen just walked out the door.